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NEWS 2007


31. December 2007


Erik and the dogs on the last day of the year.


THANK's for the lovely New Year greetings!


24. December 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Joey want's Barnie's gift as well as his own!!

Good Night

16. December 2007

The dogs have been washed up for christmas!! I took some pictures in our garden this morning - nice and cold, but no sign of snow....

The dogs are enjoying the big stones in the garden.

Barnie is quite surprised that the "waterbowl" is frozen!

Joey is always watching the road!

Yesterday Joey's puppy "Bianca" came to visit us. We made her ready for the
unofficial show in Næstved today.

Results from the show (Joey's puppies):
Judges: Lillian Christensen (breed), Freddie Klindrup (BIS)
Mamuska's Queen of Sheeba "Bianca": Excellent, 2. best puppy bitch

Later on today Camilla & Bianca went BIS3 in their age groupderes in juniorhandling!


Bianca 9 months - a mini-Joey!!

Thank you for the many christmas greetings!!


7. December 2007

New layout! We would love to take new pictures - however the december weather in Denmark is not exactly perfect - for anything!! Hopefully we'll have more luck later on this winther!!


24. November 2007

A little late ..... I know!!
We have receivedd great news from jutland where DKK has hosted an unofficiel show in Silkeborg.

Results from the day (Joey's puppies):
Judges: Mrs. Fran Fricker, GB og Mrs. Carina Widin, S
Makesi's Acaiza of Joey "Freya": babyclass bitch, Excellent, BOS baby
Makesi's Amani of Joey "Dixon": babyclass male, Excellent, BOB Baby & BIS #1 baby

CONGRATULATIONS!! See new pictures of Freya & Dixon @ their own pages -->

Dixon BIS baby
That's the way to go on your first show ever!!


23. November 2007

Joey is expecting a visit from Kennel Deejasome, Sweden in Q1 2008.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Denmark, Anneli & Humlan.


Albireo's Helenka
HD: A - Eyes: Clear


21. November 2007

Gitte & Vanni have been out early with the Christmas Greetings this year. Thank's :)
The Gallery has been updated.


15. Oktober 2007

"Exhibition" has once again been updated with our latest results. We have been to the Bundessieger show in Dortmund where Joey won 2 * BOB, 3 * Champion titles, Bundessieger 2007 & BOG 2!! What a show!!
More pictures will come when we have "landed".....

Thank's Rosanna for the pictures you have sent & thank's to all of you guys for making the days even more great!!!
See you all sometime....

24. September 2007

The Gallery has been updated with pictures from USA and pictures of varoius samoyeds.

Exhibition have been updated with the latest show-results. from Brøndby & Eckerö.

Joey's own pages have been updated with the results from Eckerö.



3. September 2007

SUNSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE - YES!! But unfortunately Joey is not feeling like pictures....hi hi

Hey mom - can you take a hint??

See if you can get at headpicture.....ha ha!!!

A couple of pictures have been published in Joey' own photoalbum & in the gallery.


2. September 2007

Exhibition has been updated with Joey's results from this weekends speciality show in Silkeborg.

Results (Joey's puppies):
Mamuska's Queen Victoria "Mita": SL, 2. best babybitch (out of 11 girls!!!)
Congratulations Ann & Co.

Mita's first show

Mita's first show


Zicco BIS1 - Silkeborg 2007

Joey's brother Disco's Playboy went BOB & BOG1 & BIS1!!!
Congratulations Betina & Joachim.


29. August 2007

The rainbow streches from our garage to the house.......I wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end.......

This weekend Joey's puppies have ented their very first un-official show. - age 5 months. Bianca & Arthur have been training an they did great!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Results (Joey's puppies):
Mamuska's King Arthur "Arthur": SL, 2. best babymale
Mamuska's Queen of Sheeba "Bianca": SL, 2. best babybitch

Babyclass (From left) --> males: Zorba, Arthur, Bosse / females: Didi, Bianca

Gallery "wonderful show days " have been updated with some pictures from the day.

There are news pictures of Arthur, Bianca & Mita (Mita did not enter as she missed the deadline but she enjoyed herself and trained at the ring-side). --> Their own pages have been updated --> there is a shortcut from the Gallery.

@ home my boys are looking forward to the new garden (which is not fenced yet!!):


22. August 2007

Joey's offspring have been updated with the latest pictures of his puppies. A shortcut can be found at the Gallery.

The gallery has also been updated with new pictures of "puppies".

Kennel Disco Puppy - 9 weeks old


17. August 2007

Exhibition has been updated with the latest show results - from this weekend.

Joey's puppies @ Kennel Makesi have moved to their new families. Joey's offspring have been updated with the latest pictures of the puppies. Also I've got new pictures of Bianca and Arthur from Joey's first litter - see the puppies own pages @ "Joey's offspring". A shortcut can be found at the Gallery.

The gallery has also been updated with new pictures of "other dogs".


4. August 2007

This weekend I've been invited to see Joey's puppy "Mita" while training a bit - thank you so much!! I find her absolutely adorable og she has a lovely temper - just like daddy...hi hi

Mita 4½ monts old
Joey's puppy "Mita " 4½ months old

View more pictures of "Mita" on her own page ->Joey offspring " Mita"


29. July 2007

I've been visiting Kennel Makesi to see Joey's puppies. They are 7 weeks old now and absolutely adorable!! New pictures of each puppy in the gallery->Makesi.

"yes...we are tired now ! "


18. July 2007

Joey & Vanilla's puppies are 5½ uge old! New pictures have been published in the "Gallery -> Makesi". More pictures can be seen on Makesi's own website.

"puppies enjoying the gras "

This weekend Joey & I have been in Tvååker, Sweden - "exhibition" have been updated with the results and pictures.
Joey won BOB both days - and was placed in the group one of the days!

At the International show Joey & his halfsister (on the fathers side) "Flingan" won BOB & BOS!!
It's difficult to see in this picture but the dogs have the same head-expression. It was great seeing her!
Congratulations Petra & Flingan!!


6. juli 2007

New pictures from last weekend have been published under "exhibition".

Joey's pictures have been updated. See "our dogs/Joey/pictures".

The Galleriet have been updated with new pictures from the beach.

JOEY 2007
Joey is having fun with his toys


3. juli 2007

Gallery have been updated with 3 week pictures of the Makesi-puppies.

Gallery have been updated with new picturs of "Gucci" - see "other dogs".


24. June 2007

New pictures of Vanilla & Joey's puppies from Kennel Makesi under Gallery

18. juni 2007

Shows have been updated with the results from Ballerup this weekend, where Joey entered the championclass for the first time in Denmark and got BEST OPPOSITE SEX!!!

From Kennel Makesi: There are new 1 week pictures of the puppies in the Gallery.



11. Juni 2007

The lovely puppies have arrived at Kennel Makesi in Jutland (north Denmark). Vanilla has given birth to 2 males & 5 bitches, so I guess Marianne will have her hands full with this very first Makesi litter. The puppies were born a few days earlier than expected but the mother and pupppies are doing very fine.

CONRATULATIONS - we look forward to many pictures from the Kennel these next 8 weeks.


See the Gallery for more details about the litter.


3. June 2007

This weekend Joey & I went to NKK's International show in Drammen, Norway. It was in deed a long way to drive all by ourselves although we managed to do it in only 6 hours each way. The trip was worth it!!! Joey brought titles home for the 3 weekend in a row since his 2 years birthsday - He is now:



 The results & pictures have been listed under the menu "shows".


30. May 2007

New pictures of Samba & Gucci puppies from Fjellerad under Gallery "sweet puppy pictures".


26. May 2007

Today Lone & I have been to the annual speciality show in Fjellerad. I had to show Joey as a workingdog a last time as we haven't gotten the championshipdiploma from SKK yet. Joey "Prins Light"(due to no coat) did a fantastic job today. He went all the way and won BEST OF BREED!! Joey has once again become:


BIM: Sun Master's Marquis Of Gaio - BIR: DKCH SUCH Disco's Prins Joey

 The results & pictures have been listed under the menu "shows".


20. May 2007

This weekend Ayoe and I went to the double show in Hässleholm, Sweden. It's been a wet but perfect weekend! If SKK and DKK approves Joey is now:

Kisses to the proud "mummy"
 The results have been listed under the menu "shows".


12. May 2007

 My "little" boy is 2 years old.


New homepage

I'm sorry - the old news have not been moved to the new homepage. However I have listed all show- & racingresults.


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